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Advantages of LED Lamps

Low Energy Consumption

LED lamps have very low energy consumption and higher light efficiency compared to incandescent and energy-saving lamps. Amada Light bulbs convert 90% of their electrical energy into light. Low energy consumption reduces the cost of electricity bills and therefore the use of LED lamps is very economical.

Long Life Time

The lifespan of LED bulbs is in no way a function of the number of turns on and off, LED bulbs can be turned on and off millions of times. In fact, the lifespan of LED lamps depends only on how long they are on. All other bulbs experience a sharp drop in light intensity over time. LEDs can be powered by both AC current (after converting to DC, of ​​course) and low current DC current, so solar or battery power sources can also be used to power them. The voltage used by the LED lamp can be very low, and it is interesting that the LED lamp will also illuminate with a small amount of its nominal voltage, and it can be powered by the weakest and smallest batteries.

Healthy Light

Unlike incandescent and fluorescent lamps, LED lamps do not emit ultraviolet and infrared rays; As a result, they do not harm human health. LED lamps are completely safe and environmentally friendly. Given this advantage, the LED lamp is the most suitable choice for lighting cultural works, jewelry, advanced cosmetics, and other valuables. The LED lamp will not be affected by thermal expansion and contraction. This feature does not yellow the lamp body and will not shorten the life of the lamp and will not cause a greenhouse effect on the environment.

Lighting Technology

LED bulbs to turn on as soon as the voltage reaches them (less than 20 microseconds), but metal halide bulbs, for example, take up to 5 minutes to reach their maximum light, which means that LED bulbs turn on fifteen million times faster.

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About Amada Light

In 2017, with the aim of producing the highest quality Iranian lighting products, the “Amada Light” brand was registered and introduced by the International Electronic Company Ryan Nik. Ryan Nick Company, relying on the technical knowledge of the Research and Development Unit (R&D), using the most up-to-date production machines and performing numerous tests in the quality control (QC) department, is proud to manufacture the highest quality LED lamps with the lowest energy consumption and maximum exposure.

Amada Light seeks to meet the needs of consumers and by prioritizing quality, has taken a step towards producing a variety of light bulbs and keeping up with the latest technology in the world by gaining up-to-date technical knowledge, continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction.


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